I am pleased to introduce my Stress-Less -Weight-Loss Programme.


As an Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner I’ve been researching and studying effective long term weight loss and practising the theory with my clients. As a qualified Hypnotherapist & Coach I felt that it was vital to have nutritional knowledge and to incorporate it into my practice to help my Weight Loss Clients to succeed & maintain weight loss long-term.


Personally I was very pleased with the weight loss results I achieved over a three month period. I myself without really trying went from a tightly fitting top to bottom size fourteen, to a slim size ten on top, to ten to twelve on bottom.


















I did this by educating myself on how the body used and stored the energy I ate [i.e. calories and fat]


Today I feel fitter, healthier, and happier than ever before, even more so than I did fifteen years ago when I was a teeny size six, weighing only eight stone. This is because I now make better food choices and have made simple, small adjustments to my lifestyle that are based on scientific evidence.


I don’t diet or deprive myself in any way though, I still love wine and take- a way’s and the most exercise I do at the moment is dancing around the living room with the kids- but it works for me, and it could work for you too!


So if you want to lose weight and keep the weight off, here’s how ‘The Stress –Less- Weight-Loss Programme’ can help you to;


Cut the CRAP out of your diet –

= Carbonated drinks

= Refined sugar

= Artificial colours and flavourings

= Processed products  


•Identify Emotional eating triggers, food addictions or possible intolerances that may be hindering your weight loss, & deal with them one by one.

•Modify your behaviour through understanding your habits and motives.

•Identify good carbs and bad carbs, and introduce you to low GI Foods & high fibre foods that will increase your weight loss success.

•Analyse your weight history and work out your own unique ideal weight.

•Help you to achieve your dream weight by helping you to set and stick to your weight loss goals.

The Stress –Less- Weight-Loss Sessions include;

•A thorough Body Composition Assessment and Metabolic Analysis, where weighing will be necessary.

•Lots of encouragement to make immediate changes that could help you to double your weight loss, and speed up fat loss.

•Coaching through the Ten Weight Loss Rules.

•An assessment of your stress as a weight gain contributor, and relaxation techniques including hypnosis to help you manage and eliminate some of that stress, if you would like this? [However hypnosis is not necessary as part of the Stress-Less –Weight-Loss Programme.]

•Inspiration and ways to develop key maintenance habits for the future, in order to avoid regaining weight.

So if you are ready to look and feel good every-day the healthy way, and you are fed up of TALKING about losing weight, or fed up of TRYING to lose weight, then now is the time to take some positive action steps into actually doing something about it, and LOSING that weight. My ‘Stress-less -Weight-loss programme’ is unique, in that I not only offer Clinical Weight Loss based on Scientific Advice and Coaching, but I can also assist you in overcoming any self –sabotaging, self- limiting beliefs, and increase you motivation and determination with Hypnotherapy if required.



Look & feel good every-day the healthy way!

Emma Grant- Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner & Nutritional Therapist.

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