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By granty1977, May 2 2018 05:38PM

Photo by Alexander Solodukhin on Unsplash
Photo by Alexander Solodukhin on Unsplash

Picture this, it’s a sunny Monday morning and you’re sat gazing out your window as you sip a warm, velvety, smooth coffee. The children are at the childminders, the housework is all complete and the only noise you can hear are the birds singing. You’ve no where to go, nothing to do, no one to see.

This has got to be bliss?


If heaven were on earth this would surely be it right?

But why does it sound like a fictitious fairy tale, reserved for the Princesses out there not Mums like us?

Because our minds won’t allow us to switch off and just relax.

When there’s nothing to do or worry about, it worries us and we think that something must be wrong?

The still, quietness makes us feel uneasy.

Surely Life can’t be stress free, especially not on a Monday morning anyway?

Besides there’s always something that needs doing or someone that needs us.

Life would be boring sipping coffee all day anyway, we reassure ourselves, as we rush off to find something to do somewhere.

And on cue those Time Takers are ready and waiting to oblige. They are easy to recognise as Time Takers need you, but you don’t need them.

They come in all sorts of disguises and are not always people, they can be jobs that need doing, places we have to go to, commitments we don’t need want or enjoy. Feel free to make your own list of Time Takers as this will be invaluable in taking that time back in the future. Here’s some examples to kick start you off:

• Your boss asks you to do over time.

• Your partner wants you to entertain their friends.

• The dog needs a walk.

• The school needs a volunteer.

• Family are coming to visit.

• There’s a course you must take.

• A Friend wants a gossip.

• Email & Social Media notifications keep going off.

• Your Sister needs a babysitter.

• Your Dad needs help with the gardening.

• Your Mum needs a lift to the hospital.

• The housework / decorating needs doing.

All of these can feel like they urgently need attending to, instead of doing something for ourselves.

And all are worthy, loving acts, but we don’t have to be the one who attends to them all, all the time.

Doing too much can feel like we’re being stretched beyond our limit and this scattering of time and attention, anywhere and everywhere, can result in us going nowhere and doing nothing fast.

Then we end up doing what we urgently feel we have to do, as opposed to what we really want to do, as our actions become dictated by the Proverbial gun.

That’s a bullet we’ll learn to dodge next time!

Until then Stay Present,

Em x

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