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By granty1977, Jul 1 2018 03:40PM

Photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash
Photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash


Parenting presents conflict on a daily basis but just because we are grown up, doesn’t mean we always have to be right.

Our children know exactly how to push our buttons, nevertheless, when it comes to the little things, we can choose to let them be right and we can choose to be happy instead. We don’t always have to get our point across, if it’s not that important then we can choose to let it go.

Twenty Years from Now

Telling our children off for every little misdemeanour or feeling embarrassed by the shallow, judgemental, opinions of others about our children’s behaviour, will not matter twenty years from now.

But our children will remember and appreciate the rebellion in us, that freed their spirit, more favourably than the uptight nervous wreck, who tried to force them to be perfectly not themselves.

Fun is Freedom

We can free ourselves of all this uptight tension and seriousness by learning to take ourselves lightly and accepting that the trials and tribulations along the way, are all funnily enough, just part of the parenting journey.

Our children have the best sense of humour, so let’s laugh with them and at ourselves from time to time. Laughing at poo, bum and farting jokes may not be very mature but who wants to grow up and get old and stuffy anyway?

We need to stay young and have as much fun as long as we can, while we can. Lightening up is an important aspect of parenting confidence. When we are too serious, we take every comment about our children or our parenting as a personal attack on us and this makes us defensive, causing us to lack confidence.

We certainly won’t win any prizes for being the most serious parent, but we will win the love and support of our children, when we lighten up and have fun with them. As well as the admiration of other parents, who will feel inspired by our ability to relax and enjoy our time with our children.

Anchored in the Present

Having fun with our children keeps us anchored in the present. When we are smiling, laughing and enjoying the present, then in that moment we are not stressing, worrying, feeling guilty, frustrated or angry. Negative emotions then just melt away.

Remember, we cannot be sad or stressed at the same time as being happy and relaxed, so let’s choose happiness instead and laugh our parenting cares and troubles away.

Stay Present

Em x

By granty1977, Jul 23 2017 09:40AM

Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash
Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

We are all busy trying to make it in life, trying to get somewhere, trying to achieve or prove something but what if we’ve already made it?

What if we have already arrived and we are here where we are meant to be and we’ve achieved what we were supposed to achieve?

What if the only person we need to prove it to is ourselves?

Wouldn’t that be a really freeing thought?

How many of us look around us and are amazed by how far we’ve come already and what we have achieved?

How many of us are actually satisfied with our lives?

How many of us enjoy our jobs or love spending time with our family including partners, parents or children?

How many of us spend our time doing hobbies or activities that we love, purely for the fun of it, not to learn anything, get fit, or achieve an end goal?

How many of us love and really appreciate our homes?

The place that protects and shelters us and keeps us comfortable and safe?

How many of us savour the food we eat and are thankful that we eat for pleasure as much as life?

Food’s not about filling a void or losing weight, its feeling great… exactly as you are today!

We’ve become so used to being blessed and rich in love and life that, we’ve become oblivious to everything we have and how lucky we all really are.

We hardly notice what is in front of us, as we try to look past it for something else, something more… but usually not much better.

We are looking for fun and that perfect relationship, job and home, but often fail to find it because it’s right in front of us, too obvious to see, usually until it’s too late!

Today let’s all open our eyes and hearts to what we already have, then we’ll notice and appreciate what’s really good about life.

Happiness and contentment come from those simple everyday things, like stroking a pet, cuddling a child or being curled up reading a good book, or watching your favourite TV program or film, on a grey, wet, windy day with nothing but a cuppa for company.

Not getting promoted at a job that takes every minute of your waking day away from you and those you love, just to pay for a mortgage you can’t comfortably afford, to live in a certain area and drive a particular car in order to prove to others you’ve made it.

We’ve all made it thus far and we are all where we are supposed to be, love everyone and everything around you now and then you’ll realise you’ve truly arrived.

Stay Present,

Em x

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By granty1977, Feb 7 2017 01:44PM

We all need goals to succeed in life but it’s not just about the end result. Our own happiness along the way on the journey towards our goal is more important, than the end destination of achieving the goal itself. It’s all about the day to day process of creating or learning that is significant. We all want to succeed in achieving our goals to feel good, therefore feeling good is the ultimate goal.

Here are some pointers that can help us to feel good while working towards our goals.

• CHOOSE WORTH WHILE GOALS - We need goals that personally mean something to us, if we have a goal to quit smoking because our partner wants us to, we are less likely to stick at it and succeed.

• TAKE SMALL STEPS – It’s good to keep the end result in mind but sometime this can be overwhelming, especially to begin with. Break goals down into small, easy, manageable steps and work towards goals gradually.

• HAVE FUN - Goals give us direction and intention in the moment, but we can only find enthusiasm and motivation if the steps that lead to our goals are enjoyable and worthwhile.

• BE REALISTIC – Goals need to be achievable. If our ambitions are getting us down or are too difficult and challenging, they will only serve to make us feel defeated instead of successful.

• BE SPECIFIC - Wanting to lose weight for example, is not specific enough. We have to decide how much weight we want to lose exactly and the ideal weight we are aiming for as well as the clothes size we want to be.

• SET A TIME SCALE - When exactly do you want to achieve your goal? By July the fourth 2017 is a definite date and better than saying ‘Before I go on holiday’ You are more likely to achieve your goal with a time scale set.

• MEASURE PROGRESS & RESULTS - By being specific about what you want and when, you can measure how you are doing. If your goal is to lose 2 stone by July 2017 and you’ve already lost a stone by November 2016, you know you are half way there and that it’s a realistic goal that’s achievable.

• BE DECISIVE - Set a goal and stick to it, give it all you’ve got, unless of course it’s not working.

• CHANGE IT - Sometimes things change so don’t be afraid to change your goals if needs be. There’s little point carrying on in pursuit of a goal, if it’s no longer suitable, working or fulfilling us in some way.

• BUILD RESILIENCE - It’s hard to recover and bounce back from failure or challenges if our only focus is on successfully achieving a goal. Switching our focus to the process of learning and our happiness and well -being along the way, will build resilience. Resilience comes from understanding that it’s not failure or what goes wrong that’s the problem, it’s our own expectations and how we deal with it, and how good we are at being able to pick ourselves back up again and carry on.

• KEEP THE FAITH - We need to build inner strength and faith. We may not always see how something is going to turn out or know exactly what we have to do, but we can still stay faithful to our goals and dreams.

• STAY POSITIVE- Every cloud has a silver lining, if we can identify any good that comes from seemingly, negative experiences, then we will be more inclined to learn and bounce back from them, and try again. By keeping focused on the positive and looking for the good in everything, we will eventually find it and won’t feel helplessly beaten by negativity. Sometimes it’s just a case of changing our perspective, other times our behaviour.

• TAKE RESPONSIBILITY - Our actions and the way we feel is important to reaching our goals. No one else can actually make us feel happy, upset or angry, how we feel is our own responsibility. It’s up to us to choose our response, we have the ability to respond to others and circumstances. When we can take responsibility and still stay positive and upbeat when others aren’t or when things are not going right, we will be the master of our own emotions and be able achieve our goals no matter what.

• LEARN FROM FAILURE - We are not a failure if we don’t succeed or reach our goals, we are a success because we tried. As Edison said about discovering a certain filament in inventing an electric light bulb; ‘I didn’t fail a thousand times, I found a thousand ways that it wouldn’t work!’ Despite the many failures, he eventually found that filament, had he given up trying we may all be sat in the dark today? His best teacher was failure.

• NEVER GIVE UP – Edison was also quoted as saying ‘Many of life’s failures are people who didn’t realise how close they were to success when they gave up.’ When the going gets tough remember this motto: ‘Winners never quit and quitters never win!’

It may be February already but don't give up on your good goals guys!

Best wishes Emma

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