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By granty1977, Jul 18 2018 08:18AM

Photo by Andrew Seaman on Unsplash
Photo by Andrew Seaman on Unsplash

We are all powerful as parents.

We have been gifted with the very powerful position of creating and raising another human being. Someone with the potential to benefit society and even change the world.

Right now, you’ll never know the impact your child may have upon the planet but you can positively influence it!

Other people such as friends and teachers play an important role in our childrens lives but influencing our children is not something we want other people to take responsibility or credit for and certainly it’s not worth leaving to chance.


Our children believe we have all the answers to everything in the universe.

As parents we can put the world to rights, over -come challenges, turn fear to love and kiss it all better when things go wrong.

Making us their heroes and they, like willing disciples are our number one fans. Putting us in the perfect position to teach them whatever we wish them to learn.


We are the first people they meet, love and trust, and the ones who provide for their every need. But are we really being the best role models that we possibly can be?

In reality we may not have all the answers or be perfect parents, but we can still be positive, influential role models for our children to follow


If you want to discover how you are influencing your child their behaviour may not be a good enough indicator, you could of course ask them for their opinion if they are old enough but the following exercise is more enlightening and fun.

• Close your eyes now and imagine what it is like to be your child. Visualise Stepping into their shoes or crawling in their nappies for a day and notice what it feels, sounds or looks like to be them?

• How do you think they feel being your child?

• What do you understand about yourself as a parent from their perspective?

• How do you see yourself influencing them emotionally, educationally, socially, physically, motivationally or spiritually? Are you a good role model to them in all these areas?

• If your child’s old enough to understand the question ‘How do they think you are as a role model?’ would you ask them?

• If not why not? What are you afraid they may or may not say?


Carrying all of that influence and responsibility for someone else on our shoulders can be daunting sometimes.

Equally, it’s also very exciting and rewarding to be able to mould another person into a happy, healthy, and successful individual.

But first we must become the person we want our children to become and this requires ‘walking our talk’ which we’ll explore next time.

Until then Stay Present, the power is in your hands!

Em x

By granty1977, Jul 1 2018 03:40PM

Photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash
Photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash


Parenting presents conflict on a daily basis but just because we are grown up, doesn’t mean we always have to be right.

Our children know exactly how to push our buttons, nevertheless, when it comes to the little things, we can choose to let them be right and we can choose to be happy instead. We don’t always have to get our point across, if it’s not that important then we can choose to let it go.

Twenty Years from Now

Telling our children off for every little misdemeanour or feeling embarrassed by the shallow, judgemental, opinions of others about our children’s behaviour, will not matter twenty years from now.

But our children will remember and appreciate the rebellion in us, that freed their spirit, more favourably than the uptight nervous wreck, who tried to force them to be perfectly not themselves.

Fun is Freedom

We can free ourselves of all this uptight tension and seriousness by learning to take ourselves lightly and accepting that the trials and tribulations along the way, are all funnily enough, just part of the parenting journey.

Our children have the best sense of humour, so let’s laugh with them and at ourselves from time to time. Laughing at poo, bum and farting jokes may not be very mature but who wants to grow up and get old and stuffy anyway?

We need to stay young and have as much fun as long as we can, while we can. Lightening up is an important aspect of parenting confidence. When we are too serious, we take every comment about our children or our parenting as a personal attack on us and this makes us defensive, causing us to lack confidence.

We certainly won’t win any prizes for being the most serious parent, but we will win the love and support of our children, when we lighten up and have fun with them. As well as the admiration of other parents, who will feel inspired by our ability to relax and enjoy our time with our children.

Anchored in the Present

Having fun with our children keeps us anchored in the present. When we are smiling, laughing and enjoying the present, then in that moment we are not stressing, worrying, feeling guilty, frustrated or angry. Negative emotions then just melt away.

Remember, we cannot be sad or stressed at the same time as being happy and relaxed, so let’s choose happiness instead and laugh our parenting cares and troubles away.

Stay Present

Em x

By granty1977, May 29 2018 04:27PM

Photo by Sofia Sforza on Unsplash
Photo by Sofia Sforza on Unsplash

Life is stressful at times. Sometimes all we can do is just get through the day, surely there has to be an easier way?

Last time we looked at ‘Time Takers’ and how they can be worthy causes of time and attention but we don’t have to be the one who attends to them all the time. When we try, we can feel like we’re being stretched beyond our limit and this scattering of time and attention, anywhere and everywhere, can result in going nowhere and doing nothing fast.

Then we end up doing what we urgently feel we have to do, as opposed to what we really want to do, as our actions become dictated by the Proverbial gun.


This feels like someone is literally holding a loaded gun to our head, making everything suddenly, urgent or life-threatening, leading to stress and anxiety.

Not surprisingly then, a lot of this urgency and those perceived problems are magnified by our own imagination.

Constantly feeling worried or hurried though, can actually lead to real problems manifesting in our lives, affecting our emotional and physical health and wellbeing.


In reality, we are the only ones holding the gun to our head, no one else and actually the gun is not loaded, it’s only imaginary, so we can now release the pressure on the trigger and on ourselves.


This imagined pressure we impose on ourselves, gives the illusion there’s no time for those things we wish we could do.

Yet, often the real issue is most of us feel guilty about spending time on ourselves when there’s so many ‘more important’ things, we feel we should do.

As luck would have it, there’s nothing more important than spending time tending to our own needs.

After all, if we don’t have our own health and happiness, we will lack the energy needed to take care of the most important people in our lives, our children.

Anyone who has ever flown on an aeroplane will be familiar with the safety drill, where the Stewardess asks you to put on your own safety vest and masks before your children’s or anyone else’s.

Taking care of ‘You’ first is a priority, if you don’t, you won’t be able to care for your child.


That’s why it’s important to prioritise time each day for ourselves, once a week is not enough.

Time to savour a coffee as we daydream or soak in a bath full of bubbles, read, enjoy a glass of wine, go for a spa day or go to a restaurant, the cinema, gym, or evening class.

As parents we are selfless and can’t help putting the needs of others before our own but taking care of our own needs is not being selfish, it’s vital, pursuing our own interests positively affects not only our own wellbeing but our children’s too.

So, 'You Time' is a present to our children, as well as ourselves because happy parents really do equal happy kids.

Stay Present

Em x

By granty1977, May 2 2018 05:38PM

Photo by Alexander Solodukhin on Unsplash
Photo by Alexander Solodukhin on Unsplash

Picture this, it’s a sunny Monday morning and you’re sat gazing out your window as you sip a warm, velvety, smooth coffee. The children are at the childminders, the housework is all complete and the only noise you can hear are the birds singing. You’ve no where to go, nothing to do, no one to see.

This has got to be bliss?


If heaven were on earth this would surely be it right?

But why does it sound like a fictitious fairy tale, reserved for the Princesses out there not Mums like us?

Because our minds won’t allow us to switch off and just relax.

When there’s nothing to do or worry about, it worries us and we think that something must be wrong?

The still, quietness makes us feel uneasy.

Surely Life can’t be stress free, especially not on a Monday morning anyway?

Besides there’s always something that needs doing or someone that needs us.

Life would be boring sipping coffee all day anyway, we reassure ourselves, as we rush off to find something to do somewhere.

And on cue those Time Takers are ready and waiting to oblige. They are easy to recognise as Time Takers need you, but you don’t need them.

They come in all sorts of disguises and are not always people, they can be jobs that need doing, places we have to go to, commitments we don’t need want or enjoy. Feel free to make your own list of Time Takers as this will be invaluable in taking that time back in the future. Here’s some examples to kick start you off:

• Your boss asks you to do over time.

• Your partner wants you to entertain their friends.

• The dog needs a walk.

• The school needs a volunteer.

• Family are coming to visit.

• There’s a course you must take.

• A Friend wants a gossip.

• Email & Social Media notifications keep going off.

• Your Sister needs a babysitter.

• Your Dad needs help with the gardening.

• Your Mum needs a lift to the hospital.

• The housework / decorating needs doing.

All of these can feel like they urgently need attending to, instead of doing something for ourselves.

And all are worthy, loving acts, but we don’t have to be the one who attends to them all, all the time.

Doing too much can feel like we’re being stretched beyond our limit and this scattering of time and attention, anywhere and everywhere, can result in us going nowhere and doing nothing fast.

Then we end up doing what we urgently feel we have to do, as opposed to what we really want to do, as our actions become dictated by the Proverbial gun.

That’s a bullet we’ll learn to dodge next time!

Until then Stay Present,

Em x

By granty1977, Apr 18 2018 02:20PM

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash
Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

Do you often feel overwhelmed with things to do?


Do the ones you love suffer as a result of the ever present ‘Busyness’ epidemic, afflicting us parents today?

We would certainly all be more effective, relaxed and Present Parents, if we did not have so many plates spinning in the air. Having too many things on our ‘to do list’ undoubtedly takes our time and attention away from our children.


The frustration arises when we try to keep all those plates in the air and the inevitable happens, we drop a few.

As our children love us unconditionally and are those closest to us, they’re naturally more forgiving than anyone or anything else in our life.

Certainly, we can put them off a lot easier than we can our Boss or our Tax Return. Sadly, that’s why they are the ones who suffer the most when we are busy doing too many other things.


Even when we are spending time with our children, all too often we tend to still be thinking of past issues or fretting about the future, instead of concentrating on them in the present moment.

Understandably, with our busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, our minds can and do easily wander from the trivia of our children’s conversations or complaints, to our more pressing grown up issues. There is after all only so many times we can concentrate on that story book that only has ten words in it or listen to the trials and tribulations of a cartoon pig!


It’s not always time management that’s the problem, often there’s just too many unnecessary things to manage.

Thinking about it logically, would we not all be more confident, present and efficient parents, if we learnt how to stream line our commitments?

For parenting to run smoothly we have to be organised but too many diaries, schedules, plans and to do lists, just keeps us constantly busy. Seeing it in writing everything everyone else wants us to do and how much has to be done, can feel daunting.

When feeling overwhelmed putting a date in our diary for our children can easily get lost.


It’s time to get rid of the unnecessary or unwanted to do’s and focus on the things we spend so much time planning to do, which usually can be done now, not tomorrow, next week, or next month.

The really good news is, the less plates we have spinning, the less breakages we are responsible for, so it’s time to drop those 'Time Takers' once and for all.

More on 'Time Takers' next time, until then all we really need is to keep one date in our diary and one intention for the day; to be happy spending time doing what we love, with those we love most!

Stay Present,

Em x

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